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Datum bezoek

29 - 30 September 2016

Doel bezoek

Goal of Soenke Zehle's visit is getting introduced to Eindhoven's digital culture network. Zehle will have a couple of expert meetings and gives a lecture Scaling our Senses in the Sentient City in collaboration with STRP Biennial at Veemgebouw in Eindhoven.


Coming from a background of comparative literature, philosophy and translation, Zehle is currently best described as a media theorist. This new perspective is expressed through both the content and his way of doing research. Zehle is a lecturer in Media Theory at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar, he also co-initiated and currently works as Managing Director of the academy's xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab as well as K8, a non-profit company with a focus on educational research and critical design.