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A visitors' programme jointly conceived by the STRP Biennial art and technology festival and Virtueel Platform, one of the organisations that merged to form Het Nieuwe Instituut in 2013, took place again this year. Het Nieuwe Instituut and the STRP biennial organisation co-hosted a brunch on 9 March 2013 for 20 people, including “cyborg” Neil Harbisson, Tim Maly of Quiet Babylon, Liam Young of Tomorrow's Thoughts Today, the artists Davide Quayola and Keri Elmsly, and Gabrielle Jenks of the Abandon Normal Devices festival. Het Nieuwe Instituut paid the guests’ travel and accommodation expenses to enable them to attend. The brunch was designed to strengthen and expand the professional networks of people who maintain an interest in or could work with STRP in the future.