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On the occasion of the festive launch of its multiyear exhibition, research and studio programme NIEUW/NEW on 16 November 2013, Het Nieuwe Instituut hosted an international group of visiting creative industry leaders. Guests from seven countries spent two days getting acquainted with the institute as they attended the opening, travelled to Eindhoven, and took part in an expert meeting. The informal gathering focused on innovation and relevance in the guests' respective fields and yielded worthwhile discussions.

The guests were:
• Juulia Kauste, Director Museum of Finnish Architecture, Finland;
• Lena Rahoult, CEO Centre for Architecture, Sweden;
• Benedicte Sunde, Managing Director DogA (Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture), Norway;
• Andreas Vaa Bermann, Director Norsk Form - Foundation for Design and Architecture Norway and DogA, Norway;
• Alice Black, Deputy Director London Design Museum;
• Frank Thinnes, Culture Manager Agence Culturel, Luxemburg;
• Ludger Brümmer, Head of ZKM| Institute for Music and Acoustics, Germany (only expert meeting);
• Alexandra Sankova, Moscow Design Museum (attended opening day with a Moscow Design Museum curator).

Robbert Martin Pronk, policy officer for press and public diplomacy at the Netherlands embassy in Copenhagen, and his colleague Paula de Vogel also took part in the visit on behalf of the Nordic embassies. The embassies nominated candidates for the delegation and will plan more joint programmes for projects  in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark in the future.