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The aim of the visit is to get to introduce SBAU to a number of prominent Dutch design firms and organisations in the field of architecture and urban planning, and archive research at Het Nieuwe Instituut on the theme of collectivity in (Dutch) architecture and urban planning. The curators will be introduced to ZUS - Zones Urbaines Sensibles, Crimson Architectural Historians, MVRDV, NEXT architects, Bas Princen, Marina Otero Verzier, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning. On Thursday 7 March from 15.30-16.30 SBAU will give a public presentation on the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2019 at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

De Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (SBAU) first opened in September of 2017. The Seoul Biennale is an international event that connects global cities’ contemporary and future aspects that are not limited to Seoul. We face fundamental questions regarding cities: How does one understand cities? What are the required philosophies and approach for cities? What the essential things to remember during process of developing cities? Seoul Biennale covers various studies such as sociology, geography, economy, etc. and art and culture overall to find the perspective and answer to these questions. Within these points, there will be discussion and suggestions with government, citizen, professionals to address new urban architectural paradigm.

SBAU 2019 aims to create a space of research and debate opened to and engaged with a truly global audience. The Biennale will explore the condition of the collective in the city, not as the natural state of the city today, but rather as a condition to be reclaimed and reframed, suggesting that the collective subject is in fact the instrument of political action and transformation of the city. With the city of Seoul as host, SBAU proposes to engage in this global dialogue with partners from multiple cities around the world to identify innovative forms of collectivity as both spatial constructs, forms of speculation and research, modes of governance and new social practices. It aims to map and explore emerging models


Jaeyong Lim (co-director SBAU 2019 / Director of O.C.A., Korea), Francisco Sanin (co-director SBAU 2019 / architect, professor Architecture Syracuse University, USA), Beth Hughes (curator Thematic Exhibition SBAU / Head of Architecture, Royal College of Art, UK), Dongwoo Yim (curator City Exhibition / Professor at Hongik University and Director of PRAUD, Korea), Sanki Choe (curator Global Studio / professor Architecture at University Seoul), Rafael Luna (curator Cities exhibition / Professor at Hanyang University & Director of PRAUD, Korea).