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Het Nieuwe Instituut organizes network meetings in the form of a ‘sobremesa’, which brings together a group of 25 designers, artists, institutions, festivals, musicians and filmmakers. The aim of the meeting is to introduce the project’s network of involved practitioners and institutions, and to explore possible collaborations and exchanges – within and beyond the context of For the Record. On 14 April 2019 special guests are speculative architect Liam Young (Sci-arc) and Wheelright Prize winner Aude-Line Dulière.

For the Record

In 2018 Het Nieuwe Instituut launched the long term research project For the Record on the politics of video culture, including a series of events and video productions in 2019-2020 and an exhibition in 2020. For the Record aims to investigate how contemporary video culture operates as a public space for consumerism, activism and emancipation, by exposing existing realities and by imagining alternatives. It looks at the technologies, spatial design and forms of representation deployed in online video and live events, and uses public programs and video production as the main research methodology.

Liam Young

Liam Young is an Australian born architect who operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures. He is founder of the think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today, a group whose work explores the possibilities of fantastic, speculative and imaginary urbanisms. Building his design fictions from the realities of present, Young also co-runs the Unknown Fields Division, a nomadic research studio that travels on location shoots and expeditions to the ends of the earth to document emerging trends and uncover the weak signals of possible futures.  He has taught internationally including the Architectural Association and Princeton University and now runs an M.A. in Fiction and Entertainment at SCI-Arc. Young manages his time between exploring distant landscapes and visualizing the fictional worlds he extrapolates from them.

Aude-Line Dulière 

Aude-Line Dulière earned a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard GSD, has worked for David Chipperfield Architects in London and at Rotor Deconstruction in Brussels—as well as various movie studios throughout Europe. In addition to being a registered architect, she is a member of the British Film Design Guild, serves as a board member of La Loge, and has taught at a number of schools.

Aude-Line has been selected as the winner of Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s 2018 Wheelwright Prize. Dulière’s winning proposal Crafted Images: Material Flows, Techniques, and Uses in Set Design Construction, aims to “examine construction methods and supply systems in the global film industry, engaging the space-making elements of film and set design as well as potential innovations around material use and reuse throughout architecture and construction generally.”