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Ingrid Masondo attended the Afro_Vibes 2019 festival (3 to 13 October 2019) via the Open Call initiative, part of Het Nieuwe Instituut’s International Visitors Programme.

For Afro_Vibes, Masondo curated the Speak Truth to Power exhibition in collaboration with Cathal McKee.

Ingrid Masondo is a curator at Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town. She focuses on invisible histories, untold stories, and the image as testimony. From her Iziko network, she selected African artists who address questions of identity, ethnicity, gender and identification, or who dissect existing images of history.

Masondo took part in Meet the Artists on 8 October and talked to Thania Petersen and Margriet van der Waal about contemporary art in South Africa. She addressed questions including: To what extent, and with what effect, do contemporary artists use tradition and cultural legacies in their work and in the forms they choose? How does the viewer understand the form and ideas behind a work of art? And is a knowledge of the historical and cultural context necessary in order to fully understand an artwork?