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Silvia dal Dosso, Aria Mag and Pietro Parisi from research and art collective Clusterduck is visiting Rotterdam on the occasion of #MEMEPROPAGANDA Goes to Rotterdam, an interactive exhibition project on memes and politics hosted by Meme Café in Het Nieuwe Instituut from January 24 to February 3, 2019, during International Film Festival Rotterdam.

#MEMEPROPAGANDA is an exhibition project that happens both online and in real life. A reflection on the growing role of memes in digital society, critically examining their wide reaching impact on contemporary aesthetics, politics and academia. #MEMEPROPAGANDA is also an experiment in collective memetic production, challenging the public to participate in an online competition of meme character design. On January 24 Clusterduck will engage in an artist talk, discussing their work with fellow artist Aapo Nikkanen during Thursday Night Live!: IFFR Rabbit Hole.

On January 26 the collective will take part in the IFFR Pro Hub Panel, titled The Power of Social Media: using its language in storytelling and criticism. Organised as part of thematic IFFR programme Rabbit Hole and focusing on the visual language of the internet meme. The panel will be exploring the use and influence of social media language as a means of storytelling and as cultural critique. Together with film programmer, critic and art-house meme maker Eric Allen Hatch, film critic Yoana Pavlova and artist Aapo Nikkanen they will touch upon topics such as online obsessions, professionals adopting social media language to tell stories, and assess art, cinema and other media.


Clusterduck is a research and art collective studying the formation and development of online subcultural clusters.Over the course of a year, Clusterduck has come to build a large network of digital creators, engaging on research chats, groups and initiatives launched by the collective. Among the latest projects is the online exhibition #MEMEPROPAGANDA, hosted by The group has also participated in last edition of The Wrong Digital Biennale, curating the Internet Fame pavilion, and will be a board member of the next edition.