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Amine Bendriouich (MA), Oleg Khadartcev (RU), Zhanna Guzenko (RU), Haytham Nawar (EG), Bahia Shehab (EG), Nagehan Alan (TR), Selin Mörth (TR), Ersin Altin (TR) and Kenza Benbouchaib (MA).


5 to 7 December 2018

Dates of visit

Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Morocco

Purpose of visit

The Creative Industries Fund NL has issued a second open call for design projects to contribute to more inclusive cities and societies in Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Morocco. The purpose of the afternoon is to present information about the open call, gain insight into relevant themes, share experiences of working in these countries and provide the opportunity to explore collaborative projects. 

The international speakers from the four countries will talk about their design practices and their relationships with street culture, identity, appropriation of public space, and new relationships between the city and countryside.

The nine guests will attend Thursday Night Live!, Prix de Rome, an evening of Het Nieuwe Instituut on the value of speculative research and will be taken on a field visit to the Afrikaanderwijk under the guidance of Ramon Mosterd and Alexandre Fortado. Their schedule will also include a visit to RibRib (a space for art, with Maziar Afrassiabi), ThingsCon: The Incredible Machine (an event that will give an overview of designing equitable models of progress), This is Bouw/The Commune (Rotterdam’s International incubator for starting designers), and MAMA (a platform for visual culture and young talent). The delegation will get acquainted with Dutch designers, architects, curators, meet the officers of Het Stimuleringsfonds and visit Het Nieuwe Instituut. Furthermore, they will share experiences with collaborations across country borders, share knowledge on local creative networks and look for opportunities for further collaboration


Amine Bendriouich is a (fashion) designer form Marrakech. In his work, he combines pop, authenticity, urban aesthetics and Moroccan cultural heritage. He founded the ‘Contemporary Moroccan Roots’ cross-cultural festival, which focuses on redefining the artistic and cultural identity of Casablanca. Creative director Oleg Khadartcev and curator and journalist Zhanna Guzenko are contributing to developments in culture and media around the Arctic Circle via Fridaymilk, an independent collective in Murmansk. They use media content, workshops and cultural events to generate attention for the concept of ‘cultural decentralization’. Haytham Nawar is the founder of the Cairo Electronic and New Media Arts Festival, an international hub for digital culture in the Middle East.

Bahia Shehab is associate professor of design and founder of the graphic design program at The American University in Cairo where she has developed a full design curriculum mainly focused on the visual culture of the Arab world. She is the first Arabic woman to receive the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture. Nagehan Alan and Selin Mörth founded Design In Situ, a design company with the main focus on experience design and digital marketing production services. Ersin Altin is an architect/designer, researcher and educator. His work is situated at the intersection of urban studies, history and digital technologies. Kenza Benbouchaib is a cultural operator and deputy director of Kulte Center for contemporary art and editions in Rabat, Morocco. Her current practice examines the modalities and potentialities of curating to institute otherwise and explore new languages of collectivity.