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United States and Czech Republic 

Date of visit

11 – 14 May

Purpose of visit

Darius Kazemi and Denisa Kera are visiting the Netherlands to take part in the Fiber Festival, which takes place from 11 until 14 May in Amsterdam. The annual festival for lovers and makers of innovative digital culture, audiovisual art and electronic music. In collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut Darius Kazemi a masterclass Art Bots on 11 May in the Brakke Grond.


Internet artist Darius Kazemi a.k.a. Tiny Subversions is on the forefront of a group of artists and researchers that try to build machines that are just as creative and individual, as well as equipped with the endless memory capacity of today’s computers. Kazemi’s best known works are the Random Shopper (a program that bought him random stuff from Amazon each month) and Content, Forever (a tool to generate rambling thinkpieces of arbitrary length).

Denisa Kerza is a philosopher and designer who does research on hackerspaces, makerspaces and publication tools for open and citizen science projects. She completed her PhD in the performativity in language and computer codes. She co-founded ScArt society in 2004 and C2C in 2006. Currently she’s Visiting Assistant Professor at Arizona State University.