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Each year, dozens of international professionals working in the fields of architecture, design, fashion and e-culture come to the Netherlands at Het Nieuwe Instituut’s invitation to get acquainted with the multidisciplinary way of working that characterises Dutch design. The International Visitors Programme fosters international dialogue, cultural exchange, market expansion, and broadening of the international professional network. In 2013, Het Nieuwe Instituut received the following international guests:

Aaron Straub Cope (CAN/USA) / December 2013

Het Nieuwe Instituut invited Aaron Straub Cope to the Netherlands to give a presentation at the Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) conference.

Gisela Domschke (BRA) / December 2013

Gisela Domschke visited the Netherlands under the auspices of the International Visitors Programme to take part in events organised by the Prince Claus Fund. 

Juulia Kauste (FIN), Lena Rahoult (SWE), Benedicte Sunde (NOR), Alice Black (UK), Andreas Vaa Bermann (NOR), Frank Thinnes (LUX), Ludger Brummer (GER) and Alexandra Sankova (RUS) / November 2013

At the launch of its multiyear programme, Het Nieuwe Instituut welcomed an international delegation of creative-industry experts. 

Duncan Speakman, Jessica Hoffmann, Paul Clarke (UK) / September 2013

A novel city-planning workshop during the Rotterdamse Schouwburg’s Festival De Keuze brought two theatre-makers and an artist from Britain to the Netherlands. 

Keren Nazareth (IND) and Jose Mari Luzarraga (ES) / September 2013

Foreign community-project specialists Keren Nazareth and Jose Mari Luzarraga attended Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week under the auspices of the International Visitors Programme. 

Alexander Ostrogorskiy, Konstantin Milchin, Regina Utiasheva (RU) / August 2013

Three Russian journalists came to Rotterdam to preview the materials destined for inclusion in the exhibition Architecture the Dutch Way 1945–2000, which opened on 16 October 2013 at the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

Robb Young (UK) / July 2013

Het Nieuwe Instituut organised an itinerary focusing on Rotterdam fashion talent for Lichting 2013 juror Robb Young. 

Eizo Okada and Hideyuki Nakayama (JAP) / June 2013

Architect Hideyuki Nakayama and Design East director Eizo Okada spent time in the Netherlands with support from the Dutch embassy in Japan.

Ana Carla Fonseca (BRA) / June 2013

Ana Carla Fonseca, researchers and speaker on Brazil's creative economy, visited the Netherlands to learn more about the country's creative industry.  

David Kester (UK), John Bielenberg (GER), Mara Gama (BRA), Masaru Ito and Haruka Yokokawa (JAP) / May 2013

A diverse group of visitors took part in a range of activities designed to help them discover the Dutch creative industries. Their stay resulted in a number of tangible collaborations.


Neil Harbisson, Tim Maly, Liam Young, Davide Quayola, Keri Elmsly and Gabrielle Jenks (UK) / March 2013

A diverse group of e-culture experts came to the Netherlands for the STRP Biennial art and technology festival, where they expanded their professional circles at a networking event.


Jacek Mrowczyk, Czeslawa Frejlich (POL), Rita Halasi and Dániel Barcza (HUN) / February 2013

Two journalists came to the Netherlands to prepare a special Dutch issue of the Polish design magazine 2+3D, along with two Hungarian professionals. 

Ligia Nobre and Magu Bueno (BRA) / February 2013

The Brazilian curators Ligia Nobre and Magu Bueno visited the Netherlands as part of their preparations for São Paulo's 10th international architecture biennial.